Changed for the Better

Changed for the Better: episode 29

Jessica Butler (La Presidenta) was tiny force of nature in Thespians. Taking notice of our drama club in middle school, she made an instant decision: she would lead the troupe in her senior year. Challenge accepted. In this episode, we discuss mentorship, embracing your ability in the face of imposter syndrome, and learning how to "figure it out."

Changed for the Better

Changed for the Better: the power of arts in education, episode 17

We have a tendency to stay comfortable. Part of growing up is learning to sit in a space where you don't have control, that pushes your buttons and still tolerating feelings of awkwardness and instability. Sofia Poe tells us how she did just that.

Changed for the Better

Changed for the Better: the power of arts in education, episode 11

Growing a leader requires an infusion of trust in a young person and giving them the support it takes to help them trust themselves. Becoming a leader requires taking that trust and further developing it yourself. This week's discussion with Hilary Becker-Jarusinsky shows how this can be accomplished through arts education.

Geriatric Gymnast

Geriatric Gymnastics 2

The road to skill mastery requires successful attempts over hundreds of trials over years and years. This chapter of Geriatric Gymnastics delves into the mental and physical development that is necessary in order to safely build confidence and consistency when you're training as an adult gymnast.

My Weight-Loss Journey

Weight-Loss part 2: Remembering What Works

Understanding the habits you must adjust and/or maintain to keep your weight and overall health in check. These habits are both mental and physical, require thought, planning, and daily mindfulness in order to get to and stay in your healthy weight zone.  Here’s a little summary of some of the main the strategies I’m using on a daily basis.