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My weight loss journey, part 4

One of the strategies I used, fairly religiously, when I was in the weight-loss zone was tracking my food. It had become a daily habit which kept me honest and accountable. There was rarely a day or a meal that didn't get logged. Though laborious, I got so used to the process that it became like brushing my teeth or putting deodorant on; it was just something I did every day. Until now.

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Geriatric Gymnastics 5

How do we build the courage to do hard things? Do we see ourselves as competent and able to tackle the challenges? In this chapter of Geriatric Gymnastics, I discuss how gaining personal experience and developing a strong support system puts us on an upward trajectory for molding the best version of ourselves.

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Geriatric Gymnastics 2

The road to skill mastery requires successful attempts over hundreds of trials over years and years. This chapter of Geriatric Gymnastics delves into the mental and physical development that is necessary in order to safely build confidence and consistency when you're training as an adult gymnast.