Back to School

This is the teacher’s burden: starting from square one every September. We are the alchemists that blend old and new, learning and knowledge, excitement and neuroses, and doing it all equitably with limited resources, so that the recipients of our magic leave transmuted in ten months time. This is why summer vacation is so highly coveted by educators. It is exhausting work.


The Inaugural (Post-Covid) Dance Concert

The first Friday of June is dance concert day, and that week was all about making the transition from the classroom to the stage. What was once a foreign, faraway concept for my students was now hitting closer to home for everyone. This week, they will all be forever changed (for the better).

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Changed for the Better: the value of arts in education

We hear the cries all the time - budgets are getting squeezed, cuts have to be made, and things wind up on the chopping block. What is often the first to be sacrificed? The arts. This is one arts educator's perspective as to why that should never, ever happen.


Developing a new idea

I've decided to start a new creative project. Simply put, I'm calling it "10 Questions for my Beloved Students." The idea is to interview former students of mine, those who spent significant time in my dance studio at school, and find out the most salient lessons they learned and carry with them to this day.


Shifting back to remote

As I left the school building on Tuesday afternoon, I noticed an ambulance and several first responders milling about the entrance. They didn't seem particularly "activated" so I figured they were responding to something routine. I got in my car, went home, and didn't think too much about it. When I got home, messages started… Continue reading Shifting back to remote


I’m a teacher. I have to do better.

I know I can’t be everything to everyone, but I work in a school. The students, whether enrolled in my class or not, drama kid, gamer or jock, are my kids. When kids are in need - confused, misinformed, lost, sad, out of sorts or otherwise require assistance - it is my duty to be… Continue reading I’m a teacher. I have to do better.

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Teaching Mindfulness

In February, 2021, I reached out to the good people at Erika's Lighthouse, a website whose mission is "promoting inclusive school cultures through mental health education." It is a topic that is close to my heart. I had done a series of lessons with my students on developing a more mindful approach to their thought processes and I wanted to share my experience with a broader audience. What better way to do that than a website geared towards educating students and their families about mental health?

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This is how I hope to help.

Image courtesy of Lauren Brill Unsealed Letters On July 15, 2020, journalist and founder of The Unsealed Lauren Brill reached out to me to have a conversation about what it was like to teach during a pandemic lockdown. We had a long talk about the trials and tribulations of virtual education, not seeing my students,… Continue reading This is how I hope to help.