Welcome to my podcast page!

The end of the 2020-2021 school year was a welcome respite from the challenges of remote education. I had spent the end of the school year teaching my students about mindfulness and meditation, and I had an inspiration.

Over the years, my students have enjoyed practicing yoga as a rare treat in dance class. Whenever I’d mention my plan to do a yoga lesson, someone would always excitedly ask “are we going to the beach?” That was in reference to a little guided meditation that I’d close out the practice, Savasana-style, that focused on imagery related to the ocean, the beach, and the warm sun. At the end of each meditation, I’d notice a classroom full of more relaxed, happier adolescents than when they walked in the room. Invariably, I’d hear some gentle snores happen in the five minutes of the practice.

At the end of this crazy pandemic school year, as part of my mindfulness lessons, I introduced the kids to some short meditations that reflected on the topic of the day. They really liked the quiet time and gave me some great feedback in response.

This got me to thinking, why not make a meditation podcast? One that is accessible to adolescents, or anyone who is new to the practice?

I went to work, creating season one. Each episode is less than 15 minutes, and people can listen and be on their way in no time. Hopefully, a little calmer and happier for the effort.

So click in to the podcast menu to see a description and a link to each episode. Or, you click A Moment of Mindful Meditation or look me up wherever you listen to your podcasts!

I’d love to hear your thoughts about season one and what else you might like me to focus on for season two!

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