About my blog

I’ve always liked writing. Well, not always. My relationship to the written word has been more of a slow unfolding over the course of my lifetime.

In high school and college, I wrote the requisite amount. I did keep a childhood diary (under tiny lock and key) which held a few random musings about love and heartbreak. In college, letter writing and mix tapes were the precursor to texting and Facetime for my boyfriend (now hubby) and I. My dad and I also wrote a few emotionally charged letters when I was in college, which helped us communicate when we struggled to talk to each other.

I did a little bit of blogging after I became a mom, but it wasn’t regular and I didn’t have a lot of time to dedicate to the practice. Whenever I was inspired, I sat down, opened a document, and started to click away. At some point, when being a working parent became too all-consuming, that blog started collecting dust.

In grad school, I did more academic writing. It taught me the power of words, and the importance of choosing the right ones to get your point across. I learned how to edit, but I didn’t get really good at it until I actually started to write for the purpose of publishing, and my editor taught me a thing or two about the process. Now, I’ve come to rely on editing to sculpt everything that hits the page.

Writing helps me to express the thoughts that I have trouble saying out loud. When I speak, I don’t have the time to think deeply, I feel more compelled to just blather out something so there’s no silence in the air. When I write, I can blather, then go back and ask myself “is that really what you wanted to say?” I can stop and reflect, research and get a better sense of what my brain is trying to communicate. My computer keyboard has become an important confidante in my adult life.

I offer this blog as a forum to teach, inspire, share, and vent. I love the idea that tomorrow, I could have some completely new or random thought to parse out. What’s next? Time will tell.

There are several topics that I focus on:

Hopefully, there’s something here that might tickle your fancy. If something does, write a comment to let me know, subscribe to my site, and check out one of the podcasts.

Happy browsing!

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