About my blog

I’ve always liked writing. Well, not always. In high school and college, I wrote the requisite amount. I did keep a childhood diary (under lock and tiny key) which held a few random musings about love and heartbreak, but it wasn’t a huge focus in my development. Letter writing became more prevalent when my boyfriend (now hubby) went away to college before texting and Facetime was a thing, and my dad and I wrote a few emotionally charged letters when I was in college. They served as a way to communicate when we couldn’t talk to each other with ease. I admit, there weren’t that many, but I’m glad that we had them to hash some things out.

I did a little bit of blogging after I became a mom, but it wasn’t regular and I didn’t have a lot of time to dedicate to the practice. Whenever I was inspired, I sat down, opened a document, and started to click away. At some point, that blog started collecting dust.

I didn’t write in large quantities until I went to grad school, where we did more academic writing. It taught me the power of words, and the importance of choosing the right ones to get your point across. I started to learn how to edit, but I didn’t get really good at it until I actually started to write for the purpose of publishing, and my editor taught me a thing or two about the process. Now, I’ve come to rely on editing to sculpt everything that hits the page.

To me, writing gives me a way to get out the thoughts that I have difficulty speaking about. When I speak, I don’t have the time to think deeply, I feel more compelled to just blather out something so there’s no silence in the air. When I write, I can blather, then go back and ask myself “is that really what you wanted to say?” I could stop and reflect, research and get a better sense of what my brain was trying to communicate. My computer keyboard has become an important confidante in my adult life.

I offer this blog as a forum to teach, inspire, share, and vent. I love the idea that tomorrow, I could have some completely new or random thought to parse out. What’s next? Time will tell.

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