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Changed for the Better, episode 42

What do you do when you have the lion's share of talent, intellect, and drive to make real change happen? Perhaps, you follow a path like Tina Vasquez's. Taking great care to carve one that suited her needs, she followed her heart's passions and explored the challenging opportunities that called to her. That tendency started many moons ago. Read on to learn more!

Changed for the Better · Mental Health

Changed for the Better: the power of arts in education, episode 19

This episode shares the experience of someone diagnosed with Bipolar I Disorder, and how his Thespian experience provided the community he needed to navigate some dark times in his life.


Strong Women

Back in April 2020, as COVID was ravaging our world's self-concept, I turned to Facebook for connection, information, and entertainment (shame on me, but I digress...). I had been creating singing videos (I was actually a singer in another life). Teaching high school dance, theatre and PE tends to wreak havoc on the vocal cords,… Continue reading Strong Women


We Must Be Willing To Learn

The other day, I was looking at Facebook (like I often do) and I noticed a conversation on someone’s post where someone referred to “all the BLM people.”  As though they are one and the same, and all evil.  There was mention of the opportunities that are available and how Black people choose not to… Continue reading We Must Be Willing To Learn


Who am I?

I am... A mother. A wife. A teacher. An adult gymnast. An aerialist. A runner. A director and choreographer. An author. A composer. A playwright. A visionary. An ally. A friend. When we think of ourselves, we describe ourselves in terms we think people will understand. Keep it simple, don't blather on - no one… Continue reading Who am I?