Episode 1: At The Beach

I’ve decided to try something new…

Connecting my creative spirit, my focus on mindfulness and my years of teaching adolescents, I am introducing my new podcast,
A Moment of Mindful Meditation, now available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts!

Click the button to listen to Episode 1: At The Beach.

Here’s the story: Over the years, as part of my dance classes, I offered some basic yoga instruction, often as a little break from the regular curriculum. Random Fridays, days before holiday breaks, or during half days, sometimes we all just needed a little change and restoration. We’d focus on the breath, strength and flexibility through some basic postures and vinyasa flows. At the end of the class, I would “take them to the beach.” Basically, it was a Savasana with guided meditation to close out the class.

I can’t remember when I first introduced it to my students. I think it was a gradual thing where I tried to get them to be more present in their thoughts, and close out the session in a way that was hopefully familiar and comfortable. The beach imagery was something that most of them would have a personal connection with. 

One of the obstacles I ran into was that some of them, coming from religious families, were skeptical of yoga. I’d occasionally hear them say that they couldn’t practice it because it was “against their religion.” As each year passed, I’d explain how the practice of yoga here is not a religious practice, nor does it impinge upon their spiritual belief system. That while it is included as a part of some religious traditions, that is not how we use it, and that our practice is strictly a fitness and wellness activity. The beach meditation was my way of showing them how to meditate without the “threat” of making them do something in which their parents might disapprove. 

For the most part, the beach meditation was successful. Every so often, when I would suggest we switch things up and offer a yoga session, someone would always ask “are we going to the beach?!” It’s endearing, really, because it reminds me how much personal benefit they experience. Even in five minutes, kids emerged from the practice calmer, quieter, and more peaceful. They’d smile as they sat up and opened their eyes. Some would actually fall asleep and once in a while, I’d hear a gentle snore, which always got a little chuckle. Once in a while, I’d notice some students who just couldn’t settle in, but I’d let them sit or lay quietly and just be in their own thoughts. 

I was thinking about these experiences, and how my students responded so favorably. I thought, maybe I could record it and put it out there in podcast form. Maybe one of my alumni would see it, and decide to listen for a bit of nostalgia. Maybe a total stranger would click on it and find some quiet time for themselves. Either way, this is my way of offering something healing to the world. Who knows – maybe this will catch on and I’ll get some other ideas for new meditations. I am inspired by that thought.

I wish you the best of health, a calm heart, and peace of mind.

If you like the podcast, follow it on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you get your listen to your podcasts, subscribe to my website and give me some feedback. What meditation topics would you like to listen to? What helps you relax and restore?

I can’t wait to create more episodes!

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