What’s “too old?”

Is there anything you feel too old to do anymore?

WordPress started including writing prompts on my dashboard, and this question was interesting to me. Considering part of my identity is “The Geriatric Gymnast,” it made me think a bit about what age really has to do with the things we choose to do.

This is a tough question. I’m certainly up for trying most things (save for skydiving, which I never really had a desire to do anyway). My body is certainly stronger than when I was younger, even if it is slower and less flexible. My age just means I have to be more mindful to make smart choices I’m the new things I try.

About two years ago, I wrote a post called “Age is Just a Number.” It’s all about taking up gymnastics at 36 and how I am now approaching life as a 50-something woman. That might give a more complete perspective about this question.

So I suppose the answer to the question is “no.” There’s nothing I feel “too old” to do; I just have to weigh the pros and cons before I proceed. In the end, I find that I am more powerful, more confident, and am less afraid to say “yes” to something that I want. Like taking a pole dancing class, which I plan to try in a few weeks. (I’ll report on that later.)

2 thoughts on “What’s “too old?”

  1. I had a big (old) birthday last year. I don’t feel old but since then I’ve had a few minor medical issues. Now previously doctors would just say oh this just happens sometimes however, I’ve had 3 different doctors tell me about different things “it’s an age thing”or “because you are getting older”. What was particularly annoying was when something had happened 5 years earlier one of these same doctors kept asking was I diabetic because the thing that happened then didn’t happen to people as young as me. What a difference 5 years makes! Good luck with the pole dancing.

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    1. Whatever you do, keep moving. Doesn’t have to be a lot, but move every joint, get your heart rate up every day, and drink lots of water. Whenever I get sedentary, I start to feel it immediately. Not acceptable. Take care of yourself!

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