Happy New Year!

A letter of love and gratitude for all

Dear friends,

It’s January 1st again. It’s a day to sleep late after watching the ball drop. A day to look forward to something better: new beginnings, second chances, finding opportunities for change. While I certainly appreciate and advocate the need to move forward, I believe we should also remember those blessings we counted a week or so ago and hold them in our hearts while we search for ways to create the new version of ourselves.

Whether it’s upgrading our homes, families, careers, or physical and emotional well-being, as we search for the keys to unlock the secrets to a better, more fulfilling existence, we should always take note of what got us to today. We scour social media for life hacks and try new diet plans to change something about our lives. As we do so, it’s a good idea to remember to have a critical eye as we observe what others are sharing as “the thing that worked for them.” Maybe it did and maybe it didn’t – social media is a great place for liars. I think our job is to filter out the nonsense and hold on to the things that work for us, fortify those strategies, and use them to support our quest to change the things that don’t.

This year…

  • I wish better days for everyone.
  • I pray we make the best decisions that will push this ridiculous pandemic out of our lives.
  • I hope we stay mindful that while we live in a society where we have more differences than ever before, we have the power to effuse kindness and compassion.
  • I know we will be challenged in new ways as the calendar pages turn, and we possess the strength to weather any storm.

Thank you for being a part of my headspace. I will do my best to share words of wisdom, thoughts that heal, and healthy ways to move forward. Pay forward the love you receive through smiling eyes; even with a mask on, people can tell you wish them well. Take care of yourselves so you can take care of others.

Warm regards,


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