Who am I?

I am…

A mother. A wife. A teacher. An adult gymnast. An aerialist. A runner. A director and choreographer. An author. A composer. A playwright. A visionary. An ally. A friend.

When we think of ourselves, we describe ourselves in terms we think people will understand. Keep it simple, don’t blather on – no one has the time or patience to discern the complexities that make up YOU.

But really, every simple descriptor lends itself to myriad branches of details that give us depth and character.

While ending the 2020 school year, my colleagues and I were learning how to teach from behind a computer screen. Blessed summer was approaching and I was looking forward to closing the laptop screen and spending more time napping in my hammock before starting the virtual learning rigamarole all over again.

As we moved into “summering in pandemic mode,” I started to realize that this could be a moment for me to acknowledge that it was time break out of my comfort zone. Two book projects were sitting on my computer, and I was considering pursuing their publication. After the social unrest after George Floyd’s murder, an acquaintance reached out to me in distress. Following some conversations of support, she asked me if I “had ever written my own play.” My initial response was “I don’t write them, I direct them.” But somehow, that answer didn’t seem right. I was uncomfortable in my own skin, seeing the societal trauma that was happening right in the middle of a pandemic. I wanted to DO something as an ally to help my struggling friends. I reconsidered my answer.

So I added a play to my projects, scouring Facebook and calling on friends to share their feelings and thoughts, and got responses quickly. A play was born. Then I collaborated with said friend in need to help create a much needed support organization to help my Spring Valley HS Thespians to get long-needed resources. Then I designed a logo, composed an anthem, and started dreaming much bigger than I had ever allowed myself to do.

But more on all that later.

So, to have a place where I can expound a bit about who I am, what I do, and how I think, I have created Stacey’s Headspace. I think the purpose of creating a self-titled website (other than pure narcissism) is to have a place to collect one’s thoughts, and to announce upcoming projects and events. To start. So, I invite you into my headspace (if you want to go for the ride). I’ll be posting new things periodically. Stay tuned!

3 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. Your well organized thoughts are evolving into such meaningful projects! I’m so very proud of how you are able to give a voice to all your students, colleagues, friends and family by stepping out of your comfort zone and producing so many different avenues of expression- both yours and more importantly- others who have and are so positively by your open heart and mind!


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