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Changed for the Better, episode 42

What do you do when you have the lion's share of talent, intellect, and drive to make real change happen? Perhaps, you follow a path like Tina Vasquez's. Taking great care to carve one that suited her needs, she followed her heart's passions and explored the challenging opportunities that called to her. That tendency started many moons ago. Read on to learn more!

How Do We Feel Right Now

“How Do We Feel Right Now” in the making

It’s the night before Thanksgiving.  We are still knee-deep in an amalgam of remote and hybrid education.  Opening night is a week away.  5 months have flown by.  So much has happened since that phone call on June 2. The call that challenged me to act.  The one that in an instant, gave me a… Continue reading “How Do We Feel Right Now” in the making