Authorship · What Ronnie Sue Knew - a memoir

What Ronnie Sue Knew – a memoir

Coming September, 2021!

Radiant Ronnie Sue

My beautiful mom passed on September 4, 2020 at the age of 72. She had bravely fought a long battle with peritoneal cancer for almost four years.

Cancer is a bitch. There’s nothing good about it. It prematurely robs a person of their well-being and forces them and their loved ones into a situation that no one should ever have to face. Yet, millions of people are in the fray, fighting the good fight. Ronnie Sue was one of them.

During the last week of her life, I had the opportunity to sit and interview her before her body finally succumbed to the beast. Fortunately, she had time to get her affairs in order and spend the end with loved ones.

What Ronnie Sue Knew is a reflection of Mom’s final recollections about her relationships and the things she loved and poured her energies into, as well as the gifts I have received as a result of her existence. The book pays loving homage to her, and details the lessons she taught me, just by living her glorious life.

Stay tuned!

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