Theatrefolk Podcast

Episode 140: These Kids Are Worth It: a drama program success story

In spring of 2015, the year I directed West Side Story, our Thespian program got lots of good attention in what felt like a sea of bad press. Lindsay Price, co-founder and Vice President of put out a call for success stories through challenges. I answered the call, telling her about this incredible production we were able to put on despite national news reports about the divisiveness of the district, and a stabbing in our school two weeks before production.

During the 37-minute podcast interview, we talked about our the district’s reputation and how, despite the budget and program cuts, disadvantages, and general inequities, my students have an opportunity to learn in a rich, creative environment. We also covered the rehearsal process, the need to infuse belief in the hearts and minds of adolescents, and the effort needed to back it all up.

Tune in to hear the story about how my incredible students beat the odds to mount one of the most challenging classics in American musical theatre.

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