About My Headspace

photo credit: Aya Fine Art Photographs
I have a lot of things swirling around in my head…

Hi, I’m Stacey.  I’m a dance, physical education and theatre teacher in New York. At home, I’m mom to 2 teenage women, 2 sweet rescue dogs and Mac the indifferent rescue cat. My husband and I navigate the roller coaster of parenthood together, with varying degrees of success.  Most importantly, everything we do is driven out of the love we feel for the people we care about.

Part of that love is in sharing stories. In 2021, I added a new hat to my collection – published author. My two books contain stories about personal struggles that are relatable to so many people. The first, How Do We Feel Right Now?, is a docudrama that chronicles the real-time expressions of my community following the murder of George Floyd. The second is a memoir called What Ronnie Sue Knew, which follows some of my family stories and pays loving tribute to my beautiful mom and the lessons I learned from her throughout my life.

Everyone has a lot on their plate. I don’t think my “stuff” is any more important or challenging than anyone else’s. However, I have found that when I share my stories with others – the ones that I’m passionate about – people seem to find connection and inspiration from my experiences.

I decided to use this space as a forum to share projects, writings and musings, my self-care process, and things I’m really excited about. Sometimes it’s about things I’m struggling with, and figuring out how to move forward. Everything I do is born out of love, respect, and a true desire to help make things better.

Thanks for visiting my headspace. I’m grateful you have taken the time to take a peek. If you would like to follow my blog, please subscribe below!