About Changed for the Better

My name is Stacey Tirro and being an arts educator is my superpower.

Changed for the Better is a love letter to the students who have enriched my career as an arts educator.

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For over 25 years, I have been blessed to cross paths with some extraordinary young people who helped me to create beauty and magic on the stage in their time in high school.

As young people do, they graduated, grew up, and now we are reconnecting to see just what impact their arts education had on their transition to adulthood. In ten questions, we talk about lessons they learned that helped to ground them as adolescents, as well as their mental health journey and how they practice self-care now. They are paying it forward to listeners everywhere.

There’s so much to be inspired by when you listen to our conversations. They are loving, informative, revelatory and full of humor. Join us as we reminisce about our “good old days.”

You can watch the interviews on YouTube and listen on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

About me
and the show

I’m Stacey Tirro, a high school performing arts teacher for over 25 years. In that time, I’ve taught a lot of amazing people. Now that so many of my students are adults, they teach me how, through the lessons in my classroom, they have been Changed for the Better.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Have you ever looked back at your teenage years and taken the time to truly reflect on those moments which helped mold you as an adult? I know that I have! “Changed for the Better” has allowed myself, former classmates, and viewers to truly understand the REAL role that performing arts has had in making us the adults we are today.

Ten simple questions can make you realize that “wow, I wasn’t alone!” Or “I felt the same exact way!” And how all of us used the power of the stage differently; as a means of emotional outlet, and personal expression. 

This podcast has allowed me to think deeper about my past experiences, and how I have learned and grown from them.  In an informal way, Stacey Tirro, puts her former students in the spotlight one more time, allowing reflection, and freedom of expression as she has in the past when they previously appeared on her stage.

— Evanie Anne

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Changed for the Better is such a unique podcast/YouTube series, in that it demystifies a relationship between a high school teacher and her students. Watching Stacey and listening to her – actually, even better, listening to how her past students respond to her questions with such love and wisdom, made me wish I had a teacher like her in my high school experience. The show is fun and inspiring, and it’s really lovely to hear these past students share vulnerably their arts experience in high school and how it’s shaped them into the amazing adults they are today. The show lends itself as a tool to understand more deeply how important the arts is for high school students and their development. A must listen, and really fun to watch on YouTube. Thank you Stacey, for following your intuition and putting such meaningful work out into the world for all to witness and learn from.

— Rachel

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Changed for the Better is a brilliant compilation of powerful heartfelt, yet riveting and sometimes raw interviews that celebrate the lives of young students as thespians and their journeys to adulthood. Ms Tirro’s warm, nurturing but stimulating style, awakens and evokes these in-depth life journey’s of her amazing guests and how overcoming obstacles creating sucesses and changed their lives for the better.

You must witness these phenomenal podcasts to experience the power of how her lessons have influenced and helped students navigate and use the positive energy their lives.

— Marc

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I can’t say enough positive things about the “Changed for the Better” podcast.  First of all, thank goodness for Stacey Tirro, her years of dedication to teaching the arts, and now, bringing it back full circle as those she taught have become adults sharing their experiences. This podcast inspires so much hope for the future. In a world saturated with negativity and criticism, the path these graduates walked to become bright, articulate, future leaders of our society truly exemplify how childhood creative experiences create resilient, innovative adults. I would vote any one of her guests into an elected leadership position.  They are that inspirational.  This podcast should be required listening for all young adults struggling to find a niche in the world.  Older adults, religious leaders, school board members, and current political leaders should also take note of the underlying message; the clear positive relationship between training in the arts and future success in a highly diverse collection of career paths. Bravo Stacey!

— Tammy