Changed for the Better

Changed for the Better, episode 38

Bria Manning is someone who sees what she wants and she gets it. Back in high school, she poured her energy into the Spring Valley community as a class officer, cheerleader, and active Thespian and dancer. Now entrenched in her quarter-century status, she is finding ways to balance the requirements of adulting with her need for community, creativity and dancing.

Changed for the Better

Changed for the Better, episode 37

Episode 37 features Rushane Dunn, the first alum to be profiled from the class of 2019! Always the high-achiever, he is now finishing his senior year at Brown University. We talked about his dual passions for STEM and performing arts, being at the precipice of his adulthood and his impending journey into medicine.

Changed for the Better

Changed for the Better: episode 20

Alex Domini's story is another example of how you make plans, God laughs, and you make new plans. Life is a journey, and it's best to traverse the terrain with eyes wide open, ears attuned to the universe, and heart ready for the ride. Read on to learn about Alex's journey.

Geriatric Gymnast

Geriatric Gymnastics 7: part 5

At 48 years old, Debby Bassin, a one-time stay-at-home mom, has created quite a positive and impactful presence in her community. Now, over five years after Flipper’s Gymnastics became an LLC, Debby graciously reflected on a few more questions about her journey thus far.

Self Care

Navigating Change

When I was a teenager, change was the greatest source of anxiety for me. The burning feeling of fear housed in my solar plexus sat there, unchallenged. It was silent, and sadly, par for the course in my everyday life. Luckily, that feeling didn’t stop me from trying new things or taking on new ventures,… Continue reading Navigating Change