Self care – it’s a necessity

I’ve become much more aware of the need for self-care of late. I’ve been trying to define what that means for me, adding strategies to my bucket for years now.

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The non-negotiables (in no particular order):

  • Flipping at the gym with my fellow geriatric gymnasts
  • A reasonable amount of sleep
  • Hydration
  • Regular visits with the nutritionist
  • Summer doctor checkups
  • Quiet down time, which includes time to write
  • Time with husband and teenage children
  • Petting my dogs
  • Moisturizer

The every-so oftens:

  • Massage, facials and acupuncture (a new endeavor)
  • Dinner out with the husband (should be non-negotiable, but I’m realistic)
  • Catch-up dinners with old friends
  • Nature walks when the weather is nice.
  • Organizing out of control clutter
  • Gardening in the spring and summer
  • Aerial yoga
  • Art Cafe visits

Though I feel like I’ve established a plethora of healthy self-care practices, I’m always looking for more things to add to my list. You can’t always do everything, but there’s always something you can choose. Life is hard. So many demands, so little space in the brain. If your brain and body aren’t in good form, you become less effective to the world around you.

In order to truly be strong, you must replenish yourself once in a while. It doesn’t matter what you choose, as long as it is truly your choice. Be mindful of what you need, then take the time to make that happen.

I hope you find some inspiration here, and if you feel like adding a little meditation to your bucket, I’ve created the podcast A Moment of Mindful Meditation for your listening pleasure. It’s my gift to you – let me know if it was helpful.

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