Episode 9: Hurry Up and Wait

A Moment of Mindful Meditation

Connecting my creative spirit,
a focus on mindfulness
and years of teaching adolescents,
this is my new podcast.

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How often do you get that uncomfortable feeling that you get when you want to act, but doing so might not be the prudent thing? What do you do in those moments when you are waiting impatiently to jump in? How do you quell the incessant burst of anxiety that inevitably happens when you are ready to move forward, but for whatever reason, you are compelled to step back?

In today’s episode, Hurry Up and Wait, I offer some thoughts and strategies that I try to remember when I find myself wanting to do something, but the time isn’t quite right to take action.

Join me for A Moment of Mindful Meditation.

I wish you the best of health, a calm heart, and peace of mind.

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