Episode 4: When Sleep Won’t Come

A Moment of Mindful Meditation

Connecting my creative spirit,
a focus on mindfulness
and years of teaching adolescents,
this is my new podcast.

Click the button to listen to Episode 4: When Sleep Won’t Come…

This episode is dedicated to anyone (everyone?) who has ever had trouble falling asleep.

When you lie awake at night, struggling to settle your busy brain, sometimes you need a little help to slow things down.

In this special night time episode, we’ll take a few minutes to help you relax, settle in, and give you some mental space to fall asleep.

Get yourself all ready for slumber, turn off the lights, and give yourself the gift of slow, quiet time.

Enjoy A Moment of Mindful Meditation. Good night!

Now available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts
or wherever you listen to your favorite episodes!

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