Episode 12: Imposter Syndrome

A Moment of Mindful Meditation

Connecting my creative spirit,
a focus on mindfulness
and years of teaching adolescents,
this is my new podcast.

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Welcome to Episode 12!

Why do some people think they don’t deserve what they have? 

What makes them think they don’t have the right to do what their hearts are begging them to do? 

Why are they constantly worried that someone will find out that they are not really deserving of what they have or actually capable of what they’ve already done? 

What makes people pause or stop themselves from moving forward?

This meditation focuses on the success-dampening effects of imposter syndrome and how we can start to interrupt the cycle of self-doubt, so we can truly live our best lives. It’s time to change the narrative so you can give yourself the credit you deserve, lean into your passions and take the step forward you’ve always wanted to take.

Tune in for A Moment of Mindful Meditation.

I wish you the best of health, a calm heart and peace of mind.

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