Episode 11: Dealing With Pain, part 2

A Moment of Mindful Meditation

Connecting my creative spirit,
a focus on mindfulness
and years of teaching adolescents,
this is my new podcast.

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Welcome to Episode #11!

This session focuses on separating ourselves from the conscious sensation of pain.

I got a message from a friend who recently had surgery. She had heard that meditation can help the recovery process and decided to listen to my last episode (Episode 10) about dealing with pain. Feeling that it was indeed helpful, she asked if I could make another one to continue to help her with her recovery. Of course, I’m always up for helping a friend, so this episode is inspired by her healing journey.

Find a comfy, quiet space and let’s get started as you work on easing your pain.

I wish you the best of health, a calm heart and peace of mind.

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